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This new fine-bladed seashore paspalum cultivar, developed by the University of Georgia, is ideal for golf course fairways, tees, and roughs. It makes a fine choice for sports turf, home lawns and commercial landscaping, too. It's a grass that thrives on salt water. It grows quite well when watered from recycled or effluent sources.You can also irrigate SeaIsle1 using a seawater blend with the right management practices. As drinking water becomes more and more scarce, ocean water and these other low-quality sources are going to be the only option for most lawns. The hard fact is, turfgrass management is going to center on water quality and water conservation, and grasses of the future are going to have to be bred to withstand multiple environmental stresses. Dr. Paul Raymer is now in charge of the University of Georgia's seashore paspalum breeding program. To contact Dr.Raymer, click here. SeaIsle1 is a patented turfgrass variety. Unauthorized propagation is prohibited  
•Excellent Salt Tolerance - Can Be Irrigated with Brackish Water With  Proper Management
•Tolerates Gray Water & Effluent
•Handles Wide Range of Soil pH Levels: 4.0-9.8
•High Tolerance to Salt Spray, Water Logging & Periodic  Inundations
•Low Fertilization Requirements
•Minimal Pesticide Requirements
•Good Rooting in Sandy, Clay or Muck-Type Soils
•Darker Green Color Than Bermudagrass
•Can Be Overseeded with Bentgrass-Ryegrass- Alkaligrass Blends
•Excellent Low Light Intensity Tolerance (Cloudy, Foggy, Smoggy  Conditions)
• Root Growth & Functionality Still Maintained in 40-55 Soil   Temperature Range
•Low Tree Shade Tolerance (Similar to Bermuda)

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